Friday, July 9, 2010

Hangin' with the Duchess

Rest day 2. Casper Wyoming. What a much needed day of rest. The Duchess and I conked out around 9:30PM last night. The Duchess had a long day of travelling that included a 2 hour flight delay in Denver. She had to wake up yesterday at 4:30AM to catch her flight, so needless to say she was tired. I know I was tired after the day of biking we had yesterday. It was just what the doctor ordered. I slept in until almost 5AM. Over 7 hours of sleep – that's pretty good for me.

I got up to do a load of laundry only to find that I was not the early bird. I did get my laundry done before the real crowd started to form around 6AM. Everyone had the same thing to say – "I thought I was an early riser!" Anyway, once laundry was done, Duchie and I went for breakfast and then we drove out to see Hell's Half Acre, which I had ridden past yesterday. Very cool (see picture). Then The Duchess and I drove into Casper and walked around. The Duchess bought some genuine cowboy (or should I say cowgirl) boots at a store that is a Casper (even a Western) institution, well known in these parts, by the name of Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters. Then we walked around Casper, bought a gift for a fellow rider, ran into some other ABB riders, and had lunch. It's been a great, leisurely day.

However, there was still one more thing to do. On our last day off in Boise, Wonderboy (my bike) went to the bike spa for some work. Today Wonderboy got a bath and a massage. He loved it. Other people have named their bikes too – names like The Machine, Maddy, and Blue Streak to name a few. But Wonderboy is my boy. He's gonna carry me another 2,300 miles to the ocean, and he's got to be clean and feel good.

Now on to today's mail:

Erin and Carrie from Toronto (via Greece) write: "We've been catching up on your blog from Paros Greece. Glad you've enjoyed your time with Auntie Sue, must be nice to see a loving face. We hope the long hours on the bike fly by quickly." It sounds like you're having fun girls. Either it's very hot there or you're giving that credit card a good workout – reports from Greece indicate that your VISA card is melting.

This is Joe's blog:

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