Monday, August 2, 2010

Turning into the homestretch

Rest Day 5. Niagara Falls Ontario. We're having a nice rest day in Niagara Falls Ontario. We had dinner last night with the Cooper Clan and my wife's brother Allan, sister-in-law Esther, and niece Erin. We ate chinese food at the hotel here. I am Chinese food-deficient on this trip, and last night's meal made only a slight dent in the void.

We walked around the Falls yesterday (and today) and got sprayed by the mist. After dinner, Lauren, Sam, Logan, and Jamie went swimming on the water slides at the Hilton across the street where the Coopers stayed overnight. We also did a little gambling last night at the craps table here at the Fallsview Casino. The Duchess and I lost a little while The Vancer and my niece Erin won some money. I'm glad somebody won last night.

This morning we went for breakfast at the IHOP in the Sheraton just down the street. To give you a sense for the degree to which Niagara Falls is a total tourist trap, how much do you think a cheese omelette goes for at the IHOP here? An IHOP cheese omelette was $17.99. No bacon. No hash browns. That's 17.99 for a cheese omelette and 3 pancakes. We ran into some ABB riders at the Falls this morning who told us breakfast at Denny's on the NY side was $6.95. Things are cheaper over the border. The Duchess and I are just hanging out today. We'll do a little gambling, eat an early dinner and then tomorrow, Duchie will take my bags across the border while I ride my bike to the luggage load at 6:30AM. Then it's off to the Rochester suburb of Henrietta.

So, we're turning into the homestretch of this ride now. We have 564 more miles to ride according to the ABB web site. That's 80 miles/day, which is definitely do-able. However, 2 of the last 3 days are big climbing days which should be quite a challenge given that the last serious climbing we did was about 3 weeks ago. It'll be a test, but I know we're up to it. Let's see how we come down the homestretch. We'll know in a week.

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  1. Wish I could have come last night to see you Uncle Mark :(
    But a dog that I promise won't ever chase you down on a bike needed my attention!!!
    Good luck on the last week of riding and I'll for sure see you when you're back.

  2. Great seeing you last night and I was totally thrilled with my winnings!
    Kick butt this last leg and I look forward to seeing you back in T.O.

  3. Mark should stop being mean to Susan. It's thoughtful that she even brings sandwiches. It doesn't matter who made them!!