Monday, June 7, 2010

Fundraising update

Well, the ever-constant training continues, both in the gym and on the road. My original training goal was to ride 2,500kms before I left (I'm over 2,300kms so far with less than 2 weeks to go). It looks like after this weekend, I'll achieve that goal, which is great.

Our fundraising has taken off thanks to the efforts of all our family and friends. A special fundraising initiative was spearheaded by Lara's daughters Kailee and Nicole at their school. The girls were involved in a cookie/bake sale and helped raise funds in the name of their Mom. Way to go girls! We're over $12,000 now with no let up in sight. Thanks to everyone who has contributed – it's for a great cause and you're doing a real mitzvah (for those of you who don't know Yiddish, a "mitzvah" is a good deed).

Susan and I went to see Lara yesterday. She is doing well and, by all accounts is making steady progress. Watching her walk yesterday made me realize how easy it is for me to do things (without having to think about it). It sure puts this whole ride I'm doing into perspective. By any measure, no matter how much I ride my bike, I've had it easy compared to a lot of people, Lara included. I just hope that Lara continues to improve. It was great to see her at her own house surrounded by her family.

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